Proceedings Book Symposium and Workshop Acupuncture: From Ancient Approach to Evidence – Based Practice, 2013
1. Department of Medical Acupuncture: the 50 Years Development and Achievements
2.Penatalaksanaan Akupunktur dalam Memperbaiki Fungsi Motorik Pasca Stroke

3.Pemanfaatan Akupunktur untuk Menunjang Tatalaksana Invitro Fertilization
4.Peran Akupunktur dalam Menunjang Penanganan Disfungsi Ereksi

Proceeding Book Peran Ilmu Akupunktur Medik di Bidang Geriatri dan Manajemen Kanker, 2014
1. Akupunktur untuk Insomnia pada Geriatri
2.Akupunktur sebagai anti-aging pada geriatri

3.Akupunktur untuk Overactive Bladder pada Geriatri
4.Akupunktur untuk Disfungsi Ereksi
5.Akupunktur untuk Nyeri Kanker
6.Akupunktur untuk Neuropati pada Pasien Kanker
7.Akupunktur untuk efek samping terapi sulih hormon pada pasien kanker
8.Akupunktur untuk nausea dan vomitus pada pasien kanker
9.Akupunktur untuk leukopenia pasca kemoterapi

Indonesian Journal of Cancer, 2015
1.Efek Laserpunktur pada Titik MA-TF1 Shenmen dan MA-AT Kelenjar Parotis terhadap Gejala Xerostomia Pasien Kanker Nasofaring Pasca-radioterapi

Proceeding Book Peran Akupunktur dalam Sindrom Metabolik, 2015
1.Akupunktur untuk mengendalikan nafsu makan pada obesitas

2.Berbagai teknik rangsang akupunktur daun telinga untuk obesitas
3.Metode tanam benang untuk obesitas
4.Akupunktur untuk neuropati perifer diabetika
5.Pengaruh akupunktur terhadap metabolisme lipid
6.Pengaruh akupunktur terhadap sindrom metabolik pada wanita menopause
7.Efek akupunktur terhadap fluiditas darah
8.Teknik rangsang akupunktur pada kasus hipertensi

Proceeding Book Integrating Medical Acupuncture in the Management of Women’s Health, 2018
1.Current update in the role of acupuncture in women’s health management
2.The role of acupuncture in female infertility
3.Acupuncture in pregnancy: inducing labour and relieving pain
4.Effect of acupuncture on postmenopusal symptoms
5.Managing primary dysmenorrhea with acupuncture
6.Acupuncture treatment for acne vulgaris
7.The treatment of obesity by acupuncture

Acta Medica Indonesiana – The Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine, 2016
1.Pain Reduction After Laser Acupuncture Treatment in Geriatric Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Indonesian Journal of Cancer, 2016
1.Peran Terapi Akupunktur pada Nyeri Tulang Metastasis

Medical Journal of Indonesia, 2017
1.Effectiveness of Combined Laserpuncture and Conventional Wound Care to Accelerate Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2017
1.Electroacupuncture effect at the LI 4 Hegu point on the plasma β-endorphin level of healthy subjects
2.The effect of auricular acupuncture on pain during colonoscopy with midazolam and pethidine

3.Acupuncture therapy to the head and face to treat post-trauma paralysis of peripheral fascial nerve dextra
4.Combination therapy efficacy of catgut embedding acupuncture and diet intervention on interleukin-6 levels and body mass index in obese patients
5.The effects of acupoint-catgut embedment combined with medical treatment on the BODE index scores of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients
6.Effects of catgut-embedding acupuncture technique on nitric oxide levels and blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension
7.The effect of acupuncture treatment for insomnia in chronic hemodialysis patients
8.The effect of electroacupuncture at the MA-IC 3 endocrine ear acupoint on fasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
9.The effect of manual acupuncture on blood neutrophil counts in moderate intensity exercise
10.An evaluation of the effect of acupuncture on salivary pH and the Xerostomia Inventory score in naso-pharyngeal carcinoma patients with chemoradiation-induced xerostomia

International Journal of Current Advanced Research, 2017
1.The effect of electroacupuncture compared with hormonal therapy (tibolone) on the climacteric symptoms, hormonal changes (estradiol, estrogen receptor), and lipid profile in menopausal woman
2.The effect of electroacupuncture at ST36, BL18, and BL20 acupuncture points on interferon gamma level, mitosis, apoptosis, and tumor mass in C3H mice model with breast adenocarcinoma and its correlation with the number of interventions

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